It’s Percussion Therapy, but Not as We Know It

As relaxing as it looks.

What do the Black & Decker 400W 230V Pendulum jigsaw and percussion therapy have in common? Nothing, as far as we’re concerned.

However, this is the length that some people are going to in order to tap into the ever-growing market of percussion therapy. Since the early ’80s, percussion therapy has been a commonly used tool in the fight against aches and pains associated with sports and fitness. It makes perfect sense. Rather than taking time out of your work day, getting across town and getting someone to beat your body back into shape you could do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home. The only issue was that they were bulky, non-portable and so so noisy.

Enter the cordless hand-held device. The solution to all our problems! Now everyone could carry around their own device and use it wherever they needed it, whether it was at the gym to activate their muscles, or to ease sore shoulders after a day in the office.

Only they didn’t. Why? Because these devices came with a price tag that put them well out of reach of the average gym-goer. And on top of that, they were still generally very loud, and sure to cause a scene if you pulled them out in your office cubicle.

So people got creative. A quick google search provides countless results for turning common, cheaper power tools like jigsaws, reciprocating saws and even car buffers into a usable percussion therapy device by chopping off the blade and adding a squash ball.

We didn’t find that too appealing. Somehow we didn’t think a jigsaw being used on your back to release pain and tension would have the desired effect. And besides, they’re still really loud. They’ll still cause a scene in the workplace. They’re not calibrated for the delicate structure of human muscles, they’re designed for cutting through wood.

And so the Flow Pro was made. A device for everyone, that is quiet enough to use anywhere, with a battery that will stand up to professional use and a motor that will get your muscles working again, not shredded to pieces.

Please, respect your body. Put the saw down. Find your Flow.

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