Ace Konig, Washington Mystics Player

Continuing our industry experts series, This week’s discussion is with Aislinn “Ace” Konig, a professional basketball player in the WNBA. We will be talking about all things sport, fitness and recovery.

Ace graduated from Brookswood Secondary after helping the Bobcats win three consecutive B.C. 3A senior girls provincial titles, earning the most valuable player honours each time — the first player in the history of the tournament to do so.

Now playing in the WNBA for the Washington Mystics, Ace is one of the few Canadian-born players in the league. …

World Champion Heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Flow Sports Tech is proud to announce its sponsorship and ongoing support of the KJT Academy.

The KJT Academy is the brainchild of Team GB Olympic Heptathlete and World Champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson. KJT is a household name in the UK due to her hugely successful athletic career. Her most recent success was winning gold at the 2019 World Championship in Doha, which also broke the British Record. Like every Olympic Athlete, the delay in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo was a frustration for KJT, but her sights are firmly set on securing the gold medal in July 2021.


Next up in our industry experts series, we talk to Wes Patterson, Personal trainer and online coach. We will be discussing all things sport, fitness and recovery.

Wes is the CEO of online coaching program Quick Fitness Llc in Chicago which helps hundreds of individuals with weight loss and muscle gain.

What made you want to become a personal trainer?

I became a P.T after losing 100 pounds in 2014. I felt so good about myself so I wanted to pay it forward by becoming a personal trainer to help others achieve their goals. …

Massage devices are a hot commodity right now but it can be frustrating when you’re trying to decide which product to buy and it’s not made clear what is the perfect model to fit your requirements. You often end up going on price alone which doesn’t guarantee that you’ll end up choosing correctly. Here at Flow, we want to make sure the differences are clear, so you get exactly what you need and no disappointment.

While the Flow PRO and Flow MINI share the same benefits such as relieving muscle soreness and accelerating recovery, there are some key differences that…

Here’s our first discussion for our industry experts series, talking all things sport, fitness and recovery with those within the industry. This weeks chat was with Willum Ogden BSc MSc, Sports Therapist.

Willum Ogden BSc MSc

How long have you been in the sport industry?

I’ve worked in professional sport and Fitness since 2014 where I first worked voluntarily for Wigan Warriors Rugby Club providing post match recovery massages as well as working as a student Sports Therapist with Everton Football Club primarily within the women’s team. So about 7 years give or take a few months.

Those are some big club names. Could…

Did yesterday’s workout make your muscles cry for help today? Don’t worry, this is a positive sign that you’re on your way to becoming a stronger and healthier version of yourself (even if it doesn’t feel like it yet!).

For the most part, muscular pain and stiffness occurs after a heavy and intense workout. Muscle soreness occurs when the micro-tearing of your muscles drives your body to initiate the repair process, which repairs your muscles bigger and stronger than before. The pain you feel is known as DOMS; Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

While sore muscles are an unavoidable part of…

As the northern hemisphere enters the colder months, many of us will struggle to keep the same training energy and intensity that we feel during the summer period. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for how you can keep that internal flame burning, even when staying in bed seems like the much safer option.

  1. Keep the routine going. It’s widely agreed that routines play an important role in helping our mental health in check. Feeling a sense of control over our lives is especially important during such an uncertain time, and as it gets colder and darker it becomes…

Here at Flow, we think percussion therapy is a great way to help athletes unlock their full potential. But what exactly is it?

Percussion therapy, through the use of a tool, is a way of delivering bursts of pressure to soft body tissue via short-duration pulses. In short, it’s like using a mini jackhammer on your body (a very nice mini jackhammer).

Using a handheld massage device like the Flow PRO or the Flow MINI, you can deliver a series of short pressure bursts into your soft tissue, like your muscles, tendons and ligaments.

There are a number of reasons…

2020 is racing by and before we know it Christmas will be upon us. It can be a challenging time of year which is why so many people begin their gift shopping months in advance, which is why we’ve made life easier for you with this list on why a Flow MINI is the ideal Christmas Present.

  1. Working From Home is set to continue into the new year. Covid-19 doesn’t show signs of going away any time soon and one of the side effects of that is office workers continuing to base themselves at their kitchen table or a poorly…

With more and more handheld massage devices entering the market, you might be forgiven for thinking that there’s little difference between them all besides the price and colour. But if you take a closer look you’ll see that there’s more to these recovery tools than meets the eye.

The Motor

Everything starts with the motor. One of the first things anyone will notice when picking up a massage device is how loud it is. Early pioneers in this industry argued that loud = more power. Tim the Tool Man Taylor, anyone? We’ve always disagreed with this theory and have put it down…

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